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Is a Five (05) persons capacity full electric aircraft with vertical take off and landing capabilities (eVTOL), designed for urban and intercity air transportation.


The aircraft will be powered by four (04) Tilting Electric powered Ducted Fans (EDF). The electric motors developed by the company MAGNETAR PLUS, have a revolutionary design and compact size, only one motor with two (02) stators configuration. Each stator work individually allowing to maintain the EDF in operation if one of them fails.

The aircraft will have two (02) flight modes, the autonomous mode and the piloted mode, in every flight condition the pilot will be able to switch from the autonomous mode and take the control of the aircraft.  The flight computers will assist the pilot in each flight condition.

The tilting EDF will give extraordinary flight capabilities to the aircraft, allowing it to perform hover and others incredible maneuvers like and helicopter or flight like and normal airplane.


With a cruise speed of 160 knots and a Battery autonomy of one and a half hour (1,5 hours) will have an estimated range of 200NM (370KM).

The Interior will be fully customizable, and many seats configuration can be arranged, allowing to use of the cabin space also for cargo or special operations like rescue, air ambulance, law enforcement and others, An entertainment system can be installed and satellite internet.


The following dimensions of the aircraft are estimated, during the preliminary design stage we will be obtaining the final dimensions:

Height:  2.08 meters

Length:  6.41 meters

Wing Span:  13.37 meters  (Including EDF´s)


The MAGNETARPLUS bases its operation on the magnetic repulsion and the increase of the magnetic field by concentration of the lines of force. It is composed of rotating discs, which can rotate in the same direction, or in the opposite direction (counter-revolution). The discs contain permanent magnets (neodymium) that follow the rotating magnetic field, generated by the stator. It has a variable number of coils according to the revolutions or power that you wish to obtain. The rotation control is carried out by means of a magnetic field detector (hall, optical) with electronic position control.


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